Data Analytics

Modern businesses rely on data driven decisions to better steer the enterprise, understand current situational state, and to architect the offerings of tomorrow. One of our primary practice areas, Data Analytics is a vertical developed to ease the data journey, providing expertise and functionality from ingestion to modeling regardless of scale, use cases, and mission. We focus on providing reliable, elastic, and agile data experiences, enabling you to stay focused on the “what?” and not the “how?”.


Data Analytics requires performant data environments. Our customers, both internal and external, look for an accelerated data experience. Leveraging crafted, optimized, and flexible platforms provides a substantially improved user experience. Enabling faster jobs to produce models faster and, more importantly, facilitate the production insight we depend on, now.


Presentation of data represents the first step of many to accomplishing your analytic goals. As we know, data doesn’t present itself as one data type from one location, rather it shows in hundreds of formats from thousands of sources presenting complexity through variation and volume. Optimization of the ingestion and transformation process through flexible handlers and streaming processing dramatically improves the time to query, providing a faster path to clean data for developing models and optimizing your business through applied intelligence.


Advancements in data availability provide volumes of data points that contain the insight needed to answer the “how’s”, “when’s”, and “why’s” of our analytical queries. That volume dictates the need for scalable, flexible platforms that grow up and down with business needs. Leveraging the correct data platform provides a consistent experience that’s optimized for the crossroads of information insight and economical decision making.